Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Going for new values in our business concepts, we are realizing a sustainable society.

Sumitomo Rubber Group is carrying out our social responsibility as a global enterprise taking responsibility for the global environment in order to realize the society that achieves harmony of welfare and global environment through all business activities.

  1. We focus on promoting “environmentally-friendly” business activities beginning with Climate Change Action more.
    1. We promote the “product life cycle assessment” and we are engaged in reducing environmental footprint by Green purchasing, Green logistics, promoting energy conservation at production process and reducing waste.
    2. We focus on promoting to create and to expand eco-friendly products more.
  2. We are carrying out various social responsibilities including legal compliance.
    1. We faithfully observe high in-company standards which our Group has instituted as with laws and regulations and prevent environmental contamination.
    2. We promote the harmonious coexistence with nature and we deploy more positive activities including activities that are friendly to biodiversity.
  3. We address continual improvement of environmental performance.
    1. We challenge ourselves to achieve a high goal by using environmental management system effectively.
    2. We strive to foster human resources, have closer internal and external communication and accomplish our goal certainly.

All the employees of our Group are striving to carry out this environmental policy, always taking care for the environment and acting with positive initiative upon their originally conceived ideas.

April 1, 2019
President and CEO Satoru Yamamoto
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.