1909 Dunlop U.K. established Japan’s first modern rubber factory.
Began production of bicycle tires and tubes and solid rickshaw tires.
1911 Started production of rubber tubing, gloves and water pillows.
1913 Started production of automobile tires.
Produced Japan’s first automobile tire.
The first Japanese-made automobile tire
The first Japanese-made automobile tire
1917 Incorporated as a Japanese corporation with \1.18 million capital.
1930 Started production of golf and tennis balls. DUNLOP 65(Released in 1935)
(Released in 1935)
1935 Started production of motorcycle tires.
1944 Izumiotsu Factory commenced operations.
1951 Started production of blankets for offset printing presses.
1954 Developed Japan’s first tubeless tire.
1960 The Sumitomo Group took a stake in the company.
1961 Nagoya Factory commenced operations.
Started production of DUNLOP FORT tennis balls.
1963 Sumitomo assumed management of company.
Changed name to Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
1964 Started production of golf clubs.
1966 Started production of the SP3, Japan’s first radial tire. SP3
1967 Started production of marine fenders.
1972 Kakogawa Factory commenced operations.
1974 Shirakawa Factory commenced operations.
1976 Miyazaki Factory commenced operations. Developed Japan’s first Formula-1 racing tire.
1981 Malaysia Factory commenced operations.
1984 Acquired six tire plants in the UK, Germany and France
as well as Dunlop Tyre Technical Division in UK.
1986 Acquired Dunlop Tire Corporation in the U.S. Okayama Driving Test Course completed.
1994 New head office building completed. Head Office building
Head Office building
1995 Kobe Factory closed due to the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.
1996 Ichijima golf ball Factory commenced operations.
1997 Indonesia Factory commenced operations.
1999 Formed alliance in the tire business with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of the U.S.
2001 Zhongshan Factory (China) commenced operations.
2003 Merged with The Ohtsu Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.
Established SRI Sports Limited* and SRI Hybrid Limited.
2004 Changshu Factory (China) commenced operations.
2006 Released ENASAVE ES801, 70% fossil resource-free tires.

Thailand Factory commenced operations.
SRI Sports Limited listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2007 Vietnam Factory commenced operations.
2008 Released ENASAVE 97, 97% fossil resource-free tires.
2009 Celebrated the Company’s 100th anniversary.
Shirakawa Training Center completed.

Tyre Technical Center completed.

Tyre Technical Center
Tyre Technical Center
2010 Integrated Dunlop Falken Tyres Ltd. and SRI Hybrid Limited.

Established a natural rubber processing plant in the northern part of Thailand.
2011 Announced the prototype of a 100% fossil resource-free tire.
2012 Launched MIRAIE, a seismic damper for wooden houses.

The Group’s second tire factory in China commenced operations.

Announced the long-term vision "VISION 2020"

Established a tire sales joint venture in India
2013 Established a joint venture for the production and sale of tires in Turkey Brazil Factory commenced operations.

Released ENASAVE 100, 100% fossil resource-free tires.

Secured a tire production base in South Africa through the acquisition of Apollo Tyres South Africa.

2014 Thailand Agricultural Equipment Tire Factory commenced operations.

Released ENASAVE NEXT, 50% less Rolling Resistance tires, achieved the "AAA-a"rank under Japan's tire labeling system.

Established Tire sales corporation in Australia.
2015 Acquired Lonstroff Holding AG a Swiss medical rubber parts manufacturer.

Dissolved the alliance agreement and joint ventures with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Turkey Factory began operation.
2017 Acquired the DUNLOP Brand Overseas Business

Acquired Micheldever Group Ltd. a leading tire distributor in the UK.

USA Technical Ce nter and Europe Technical Center bagan operation.
2018 Integrated Sumitomo Rubber Group's sports business.

*Renamed Dunlop Sports Co., Ltd. in May 2012.

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