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At the Sumitomo Rubber Group, we utilize advanced proprietary rubber technologies to drive ongoing growth and development throughout our three main lines of business: Tires, Sports and Industrial Products. In February of 2020, we announced an ambitious New Mid-Term Plan that aims to build upon the global network of R&D, manufacturing and sales bases that we have built to date so that we may further enhance both our group’s economic value and our value to society between now and 2025. Toward this end, our New Mid-Term Plan sets forth three Value Drivers as key focal areas for our overall efforts to achieve our lofty goals: “Developing & Promoting Sales of Advanced Products,” “Creating New Value” and “Promoting ESG Management.”

Our New Mid-Term Plan also sets forth ambitious financial targets: to achieve Sales Revenues of at least 1 Trillion JPY, Business Profit of at least 100 Billion JPY, an ROE of at least 10% and a D/E Ratio below 0.5 by 2025. In order to ensure the achievement of these targets, we are now actively engaged in various efforts to reinforce the framework of our organization as a first step, which we will soon follow up with ongoing activities to generate greater profits. At the same time, in keeping with the Sumitomo Business Philosophy, which has been passed down through generations throughout Sumitomo’s 400-year history, we will continue and expand activities that aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

The Sumitomo Rubber Group looks forward to and greatly appreciates your continued support, cooperation and feedback. We hope that you will also look forward to the various activities that we have in store for the future.

sign-Satoru Yamamoto

Satoru Yamamoto
President and CEO, Representative Director