Through our main DUNLOP and FALKEN brands,
we offer a range of products that play an important role in various areas of daily life in addition to society as a whole,
including tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, industrial vehicles and so forth.



Our pioneer brand with which we have pursued safety and environmental performance

Ever since J.B. Dunlop invented the world's first practical pneumatic tire in 1888, DUNLOP has evolved alongside the history and advancement of cars and tires. With this pioneer brand of ours, we employ state-of-the-art simulation technology to make sure these tires are safe, environment-friendly and fuel efficient. Moreover, we use the rubber technology we have cultivated in tire development to develop high-performance products for golf, tennis and other sports.



Our global brand for people who live driving

The FALKEN brand was born in 1983 by applying technologies tested and honed in the motor sports arena to commercial tires. As a product, it features uncompromising quality and pursues the fun of driving. FALKEN is a global brand that spreads from Japan to the quality-sensitive European market, USA, India, China and Australia under the brand statement of "On the Pulse."


Passenger Cars

We have a wide lineup of tires for every kind of street vehicle from typical passenger cars to trucks and buses. Our tires also serve a board range of uses as we offer summer tires, winter tires, all-season tires and more.

Construction Vehicles

We supply tires that help improve work efficiency on construction sites by performing stably under all sorts of harsh conditions.

Agricultural Vehicles

These products are designed for the array of vehicles used in agriculture, e.g., tractors, tillers, transport vehicles, farming implements, etc.

Industrial Vehicles

These products support a diversity of work conditions such as heavy loads and low-speed driving. They come in multiple purpose-specific profiles including pneumatic, Trukush and solid rubber.

Race/Rally Vehicles

These tires are specially developed for racing and specifically to meet the speed, endurance or other performance requirements demanded by each race. Precisely because of the good performance they deliver, these tires are widely used on race and rally circuits.


We make motorcycles tires for use on-road, off-road, motocross and the whole gamut from touring to dirt trials.