Medical Rubber Parts

Our rubber products for medical use are constantly evolving as new values begin to define a new era.

Sumitomo Rubber's medical rubber parts grew out of a fusion between Sumitomo Rubber Group's own technology and clean technology, as used in our tyre, sports, and industrial divisions.
By providing high-quality rubber products for medical use, we aim to make your life healthier and easier.

Polymers, rubber-processing technology, and clean technology help define the need for advanced technology.

Sumitomo Rubber has applied its knowhow in the tyre field to the research and development of rubber made medical products. Using computerized design analysis, we have succeeded in creating more effective, higher-quality products. And with cutting-edge equipment, we have achieved a faster and more accurate production process.

Medical Rubber Parts

Aiming to be the best in terms of quality control and reliability, the fundamental elements at Sumitomo Rubber are cleanliness and safety.

Medical Rubber Parts

Using a unique one-way production process, we protect against cross contamination by carrying out each part of the process into a separate work room. And through the introduction of the latest, automatic inspection equipment, we also ensure against mixed up different types and shapes of products. It is thanks to this scrupulous quality control system that we have been able to meet the international standards for acquisition of ISO9001 certification.


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