Rubber Gloves

Our rubber gloves protect your hands in a wide variety of everyday situations, and contribute to a cheerful, comfortable lifestyle.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries offers a wide range of daily necessities that help you to lead happy lives. Among them, rubber gloves are indispensable items for all sorts of purposes from housework to business use. Naturally, these gloves owe their outstanding grip performance and gentleness on the hands to the unique properties of rubber and our extensive technical research based on these properties.

Rubber Gloves

Our rubber gloves are made with top priority on gentle feel and user-friendliness, and are environmentally friendly as well.

Our "Gloves from Trees" series of natural rubber household gloves is ideal for all sorts of household tasks, capitalizing on the strengths of natural rubber: softness and outstanding grip. They not only perform better, but also feature stylish colors and designs that make housework a positive pleasure! Also, products in the "Gloves from Trees" series are part of the "One Pair for One Love" project, in which some of the proceeds from the sales are donated to global environmental preservation or social contribution activities.

Rubber Gloves

New technology leads to the development of new rubber gloves -- "DigiHand" makes gloves even easier to use.


Employing hand molds developed using digitally analyzed data, "DigiHand" makes gloves even more user-friendly. With a soft, supple fit, these flexible gloves let you move your hands almost completely naturally.

An extensive lineup of institutional work gloves that leverage the natural properties of the material.

Demand for convenient, sanitary disposable gloves for institutional use has been growing in recent years, and Sumitomo Rubber Industries continues to develop gloves tailored to a wide range of work applications.

institutional work gloves

The development of "SeLatex," a deproteinized natural rubber, makes gloves comfortable for people with sensitive skin.

Rubber Gloves

"SeLatex" is a new type of natural rubber, in which a unique method has been used to analyze and extract the proteins, thought to be one of the causes of rough skin. Our products using the material meet a variety of new needs, including that of anti-allergen rubber.