Vibration Control Dampers

"Grast," the new technology using high-damping rubber, makes your life safer and more comfortable.

Making use of the special features of high-damping rubber, Sumitomo Rubber's vibration control technology reduces everything from minute,wind-generated swinging to large-scale earthquakes. Its diverse range of applications includes large-scale bridge cables and high-rise buildings.


"Grast," our ultra-high damping technology, protects buildings from the threat of earthquakes and strong winds.

By further developing the vibration control technology that was created for bridge-cable dampers, Sumitomo Rubber arrived at the High-Damping Viscoelastic Damper System as a means of protecting high-rise buildings against wind and earthquakes, and improving both safety and convenience.


The first full-scale damping system in the industry designed for houses.

Along with a structure that resists and isolates earthquakes, Sumitomo Rubber has developed a high-damping rubber system that helps absorb shaking in private homes. With a compact design and few site restrictions, the system is receiving much attention.


Our vibration control technology, realized with advanced high-damping rubber, continues to improve in terms of both function and performance.

"Grast," Sumitomo Rubber's vibration control technology, uses high-damping rubber to absorb energy. It not only boasts a compact structure but offers reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. It is also continually being developed for use in new fields.

Bridge-cable dampers, known for their superior performance, are the roots of the "Grast" technology.

Our dampers protect cable-stayed bridges from vibrations caused by wind and rain. Since introducing the dampers in 1994, we have collated performance data both in Japan and abroad to develop the ultra-high damping technology, "Grast."

Bridge-cable dampers

"Grast" is now a part of an ever-increasing number of fields. The possibilities of high-damping rubber are unlimited.

Sumitomo Rubber's "Grast" is an integration of advanced technology with the superior features of rubber. It is now being used as a damping system in traditional wooden buildings.


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