Corporate Philosophy

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We at the Sumitomo Rubber Group have a corporate philosophy to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by continuously creating new values of living that are comfortable and attractive as a trusted and reliable global company that pursues happiness for all employees in our group companies, and that widely contributes to local communities and society.
To put our corporate philosophy into practice, we established THE SRI WAY as the backbone.

THE SRI WAY consists of a sense of value, practical guideline and the Sumitomo Business Spirit, all of which are essential for our employees to realize our corporate philosophy and management vision.
Sense of value consists of four elements: integrity & soundness, communication, dedication to long term goals, and personal development, all of which come from the thinking, “What is important for us?.”
Practical guideline clarify our attitudes of “How we behave based on the sense of value.”
The very base of all of these is the Sumitomo Business Spirit, which has been passed down from generation to generation throughout our 400-year history.

Our company members share the sense of value and the way of thinking and conducting business, which must be the base of our actions and judgments, through THE SRI WAY, aiming to realize our corporate philosophy and management vision.
We will establish THE SRI WAY in all of our employees as the key source of strength for the Sumitomo Rubber Group.

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