Floor Coating

Quality for a safer environment, performance for a more comfortable city.

Gripcoat, Masters Series and Rasercoat are floor systems that continually evolve along with our changing urban environment and ever-advancing architectural technologies. From high-performance flooring for research and production facilities to elastic pavement for sports facilities, we offer an extensive lineup of floor systems that maximize the safety and comfort of the contemporary urban landscape.

"Gripcoat," our high-performance floor system, continues to evolve with advances in material and installation.

"Gripcoat," our high-performance floor system for research and production facilities, suits a wide variety of needs. To meet the demands of contemporary architecture, we have developed inorganic poured floors and anti-bacterial floors, as well as floors with special colors and patterns.

"Gripcoat" can be used in a wider range of fields to adapt to the constant changes in the urban landscape.

With excellent smoothness and a strong grip, "Gripcoat" provides an ideal track pavement for new-transit systems and a comfortable ride for passengers. And as corrosion-resistant lining or reinforcement for highway piers, "Gripcoat" can also be used to prevent deterioration in concrete structures.


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