Links to Performance Data

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Webpages featuring performance data reported via our Sustainability Website can be reached via the following links.

Progress under the Long-Term Sustainability Policy: “Driving Our Future Challenge 2050”

Consolidated Non-Financial Data

Ecology (Ecological Sustainability)

Pursuing the Creation of a Decarbonized Society

Initiatives to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Building a circular economy

Initiatives to Support a Circular Economy

Waste Reduction

Strengthening of our environmental management system

Overview of Business Activities and Environmental Burden

Environmental Management System

Global Environmental Data

Initiatives to Protect the Environment through Greenery and Forest Development

Next (Next-Generation Products & Solutions)

Pursuit of eco-friendly products and services that boast high quality in terms of safety, security and comfort

Concepts on Quality Management and the Development of Products, Technologies and Services

Integrity (Integrity for Society)

Ensure harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity with regional communities via engagement in social contribution activities

Social Contribution Activities