Management Policy

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Toward a Corporate Group That Pursues Both Economic & Societal Value

In 2020 our company, the Sumitomo Rubber Group embarked on an ambitious New Mid-Term Plan to carry us through the year 2025 while aiming to build upon the extensive business resources that we have built to date through various initiatives based on our key strategies of taking on the “Challenges of New Markets,” maintaining an “Insatiable Drive for Innovation” and entering “New Business Fields.”
In order to ensure the success of our plans for the future, we have launched a new groupwide project to promote various activities that aim to reinforce the framework of our organization and generate greater profits. We call this project the “Be the Change” Project.  In the initial warming-up stage, the “Be the Change” Project will focus on activities intended to reinforce our organizational framework, equipping our group with the strength to get things done and to see things through while laying the necessary groundwork for us to break through barriers to further growth. Having done this, we will then be ready to move on to the next step: focusing on activities intended to generate greater profits.
All the while, we will continue working to enhance both our group’s economic value and our value to society through ongoing efforts driven by three key Value Drivers: “Developing & Promoting Sales of Advanced Products,” “Creating New Value” and “Promoting ESG Management.”

◆Overview of Our New Mid-Term Plan

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