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Level 4 Automated Driving Joint research with Gunma University

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. has started joint research with Gunma University Center of Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems(CRANTS) for the Level 4 (Fully automated driving) and develop its tire related service. With the output from this research, we shall feedback to the Intelligent tire development and establish tire service with digital technology to contribute to the next generation mobility and non-accident society.

NextGen Transportation Systems(CRANTS)

Test Vehicle(Automated)

By using the sensor, we will be able to observe air pressure and temperature of rolling tire and react for tire maintenances when trouble, such as puncture, occurs. When the sensor identifies an abnormal condition, it will provide the information required for action judgement to CRANTS where it has automated driving control center. With this technology, we aim to provide safety tire service for Level 4 and create fully automated driving society.

Under the environment of current automobile industry which has been changing significantly, we have created tire technology development concept, "Smart Tyre Concept", in order to provide "Even Greater Safety" and "Even Higher Environmental Performance" for the non-accident society.

<Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems(CRANTS)>
For the research of social implementation & development and the development of highly skilled human resource for next generation mobility system, CRANTS was established as Industry-academia-government innovation for the promotion of next generation automobile industry. In the same year, CRANTS has already started public road demonstration experiment with automated vehicle at Kiryu City.