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DUNLOP High-Performance "SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST CTT" Run-Flat Tires Selected as Factory Standard Tires for "NISSAN GT-R" 2020 Model

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our high-performance DUNLOP "SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST CTT" run-flat tires to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. for use on their 2020 Model "NISSAN GT-R," which went on sale in June of 2019.

Our DUNLOP "SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST CTT" was specifically developed for super sportscars such as the "NISSAN GT-R," as a tire meant to allow these high-performance vehicles to harness their performance potential to its fullest. Incorporating cutting-edge run-flat tire technology and boasting outstanding sporty handling performance, these tires have been equipped as factory standard tires on each iteration of the "NISSAN GT-R" since the 2011 Model, thus playing an important supporting role in the ongoing evolution of the GT-R Series.

■ "NISSAN GT-R" 2020 Model, "NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary" Model
The "NISSAN GT-R" 2020 Model represents the latest evolution of the GT-R Series, never compromising in its pursuit of "Quality Speed" and sparing nothing when it comes to taking advantage of Nissan's many years of experience with racing technology to achieve superior acceleration and handling.
Meanwhile, the "NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary" Model celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the inception of the GT-R Series in style by adding a special exterior inspired by Nissan's GT-R Racing Car (a strong presence on the Japanese Grand Prix racing scene), as well as an eye-catching two-tone color scheme, to the Premium Edition of the 2020 Model.
The high-performance DUNLOP tires equipped on these new Models, like the DUNLOP tires equipped on previous Models in the GT-R Series, were specifically designed to provide high traction at any speed range, a stable driving experience and superior riding comfort.

2020 Model NISSAN GT-R

NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Model


■Tire Size



255/40ZRF20 101Y



285/35ZRF20 104Y

■ "NISSAN GT-R NISMO" 2020 Model
The "NISSAN GT-R NISMO" 2020 Model achieves even more finely honed performance by taking full advantage of technologies that have been refined under the harshest real-world racing conditions.
The high-performance DUNLOP tires developed exclusively for the NISMO 2020 Model feature even further improvements in cornering performance thanks to the adoption of our proprietary High-Grip Rubber and a new front tire tread pattern that has been modified from last year's model to maximize road contact surface area while driving.

(NISMO Model)
■Tire Size
Front : 255/40ZRF20 101Y
Rear : 285/35ZRF20 104Y

<Run-Flat Tires>
Run-flat tires are defined as tires that can continue running at a designated speed and for a certain distance* even when completely flat (i.e. when internal air pressure is zero). These tires not only contribute to improved safety, but also save resources and reduce overall vehicle weight by eliminating the need for spare tires.
*The speed and running distance requirements of run-flat tires vary from vehicle to vehicle.