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DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for “bZ4X,” TOYOTA’s Latest SUV-Style BEV

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our high-performance DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” tires to Toyota Motor Corporation for use as factory standard tires on their latest model BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle): the “bZ4X,” which goes on sale this coming May.

The TOYOTA bZ Series is a BEV-dedicated platform that embodies TOYOTA’s “beyond Zero” concept, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions toward achieving zero carbon footprint while also creating additional value that goes above and beyond. As the first model in the TOYOTA bZ Series, the “bZ4X” was designed to provide the fun and exciting driving experience that one would expect from an SUV-style BEV while sparing no effort when it comes to safety and peace of mind. TOYOTA is planning to follow up on the “bZ4X” with a full lineup of BEV in the near future.

bZ4X  ■Tire Size:  235/50R20 104V XL

In order to make a positive contribution to the fuel (electricity) efficiency and quiet drive performance that one would expect from a BEV, our DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” factory standard tires for the “bZ4X” take full advantage of our advanced materials development technology, adopting a new compound that has been optimized to enable the “bZ4X” to harness its full performance potential.
In addition, DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” achieves noise reduction thanks to optimized lug grooves as well as new side profile specifications designed to reduce unevenness for improved aerodynamic properties. On top of this, DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” also provides balanced high performance in terms of both wet grip and steering stability, making it an ideal tire to support and contribute to the new value brought forth by TOYOTA’s latest BEV and, by extension, the achievement of SDGs from the ground level up.

The Sumitomo Rubber Group has long been actively engaged in various efforts to contribute to solutions to environmental issues, culminating in the announcement of our “Driving Our Future Challenge 2050” Long-Term Sustainability Policy* in August 2021. Moving forward, the Sumitomo Rubber Group is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through the development of tires for electric vehicles and other Advanced Products.

Sumitomo Rubber Establishes Long-Term Sustainability Policy: “Driving Our Future Challenge 2050” (News Release Issued August 5, 2021)