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Announcing the Launch of DUNLOP “GRANDTREK PT5” SUV Tires Featuring a 12%*1 Improvement in Steering Stability

 Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our latest DUNLOP “GRANDTREK PT5” SUV Tires. Designed especially for the sort of urban SUVs that have garnered widespread popularity throughout the world thanks to their high versatility and stylish appearance, “GRANDTREK PT5” takes on-road driving performance and ride comfort to all-new heights. Available in 25 sizes at launch and featuring open pricing, “GRANDTREK PT5” will first go on sale in Japan on February 1 before subsequently launching in the Middle East, South and Central America, Asia and other regions worldwide.


Overall Performance Comparison Chart


 Designed with an eye toward on-road performance in order to meet the expanding needs of urban driving as more and more drivers turn to SUVs for daily use, “GRANDTREK PT5” achieves a 12%*1 improvement in steering stability, making it ideal for urban SUVs with heavy loads and high centers of gravity. While maintaining the same advanced rubber compound that won our previous “GRANDTREK PT3” such widespread acclaim, we have made modifications to the tire profile (i.e. cross section) in order to increase the contact area of the tread, which in turn provides greater stability as well as better all-around performance on wet road surfaces. In addition, we have also updated the tread pattern and shape to provide more uniform contact pressure, which serves to improve noise performance*1 for a quieter overall ride. Meanwhile, a new sidewall design allows the sidewall to function more effectively as a cushion to absorb and disperse vibrations for a more comfortable overall ride. Not only that, but “GRANDTREK PT5” also fulfills the standard for M+S*2 labelling, meaning that these tires provide sufficient grip and traction on rough roads and even snow.

※1. Compared to Our Previous “GRANDTREK PT3”

※2. In addition to the performance traits that are typical of summer tires, “Mud + Snow (M+S)” tires are also designed to perform when driving on mud or light snow. However, M+S tires may not fulfill legal or regulatory requirements for winter tires when driving on highways, etc. 


■Product Features

○A New Profile for Enhanced Steering Stability & Performance on Wet Roads

An updated profile design creates a wider tread, resulting in an 8% increase in contact area during driving compared with our previous “GRANDTREK PT3.” This in turn suppresses vehicle wander to produce a 12% improvement in overall steering stability. In addition, the wider tread also contributes to higher all-around performance when driving on wet road surfaces.

○A New Profile for a Quieter Overall Rid

An updated profile design distributes contact pressure more evenly throughout the tread surface compared with our previous “GRANDTREK PT3,” thereby facilitating the dispersion of shocks and suppressing vibration for a smoother overall ride. At the same time, a rounder contact patch means that contact spreads outward from the tread center, which further lessens impact shocks from the road compared to a square contact patch.


○A Unique Pattern Design for Next-Level Noise Reduction

A new pattern design adopts lateral grooves of varying widths between circumferential grooves in order to suppress resonance noise. At the same time, shoulder lug grooves are approximately 30% narrower compared with the “GRANDTREK PT3,” which serves to reduce the amount of sound escaping through the grooves for lower pattern noise. On top of that, “GRANDTREK PT5” also adopts an asymmetrical pattern featuring lug grooves that do not cut all the way through the intermediate block row on the outer side of the tire, which serves to reduce outward noise radiation.


■Sizes Available at Launch

About the EXTRA LOAD Standard: This standard designates tires that have been designed for higher pressure and load capacity compared with tires of the same size designed to other standards (JATMA, ETRTO, etc.). As such, EXTRA LOAD tires have a higher load index than other tires of the same size. In addition, in order to maintain this enhanced load capacity, EXTRA LOAD tires may also require higher internal pressure than other tires of the same size. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. offers an extensive lineup of EXTRA LOAD tires in order to meet the needs of larger vehicles produced by international automobile manufacturers.