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DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for LEXUS LBX

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” tires to LEXUS for use as factory standard tires on their LEXUS LBX, which were launched this December.

LEXUS LBX ■Tire Size: 225/55R18 98H

The LEXUS LBX is a car that defies conventional size hierarchy to push the boundaries of automotive luxury, which pursued “an enticing driving experience” that gives the everlasting desire to stay behind the wheel, “a comfortable driving experience” that puts a smile on the face of all occupants, and “proportions” rooted in functional essence and dynamic performance under the development theme of “Segment-defying compact that offers fulfilment for discerning customers through new value proposition.”

The DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 060” optimizes the structure and tread compound of the internal component to achieve “an enticing driving experience” and “a comfortable driving experience.” which are required for the LEXUS LBX. Furthermore, the adopted new compound also achieves fuel efficiency, which runs counter to those requirements, at a high level. In addition, it adopts a finely uneven shape on the side of a tire using “Nano Black,” our unique blackening design technology, contributing to a sense of luxury and the design that the LEXUS brand offers.