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Realizing Tire Pressure Monitoring to Support Level 4 Automated Driving—Preempting Tire Trouble Caused by Drops in Tire Pressure

 Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that, as part of our overall collaboration with the Center for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems (CRANTS) at Gunma University (which we first announced in May of 2019), our ongoing joint research on tire peripheral services intended to support Level 4 (High) Automation* has completed the crucial step of establishing communication links for sharing tire pressure data between an autonomous vehicle and the Autonomous Driving Control Center at CRANTS. (The data links themselves were developed jointly with CRANTS and NTT Data Corporation.)
 With the completion of this major step, it has now become possible to monitor the tire pressure of an unoccupied vehicle remotely, which opens the door to various future applications, such as predictive maintenance to prevent flat tires or other forms of tire trouble that may pose a risk when using automated vehicles. Moving forward, we will continue working to establish systems and services that anticipate and preempt vehicle trouble caused by issues with tire pressure.


Data Management Display Showing Data Transmitted from Autonomous Vehicle
(From Left: Tire Pressure, Steering Angle, Speed, Position)

Proof-of-Concept Testing Vehicle 

■ Overview of Data Links

  • A direct TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) mounted inside of tire rims transmits pressure data to the onboard computer system of an autonomous vehicle via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).
  • The onboard computer system then transmits this data to the CRANTS Control Center via Connected Technology.
  • During automated driving, pressure data from each individual tire can be monitored from the Control Center (by viewing the Data Management Display pictured above).



Image of Potential Future Service Utilizing Tire Pressure Monitoring System

With both the automotive industry and the overall business environment currently undergoing many sweeping changes, the Sumitomo Rubber Group has responded by launching SMART TYRE CONCEPT, a new development concept that aims to achieve "Even Greater Safety Performance" and "Even Greater Environmental Performance" through the creation of new tire technologies and peripheral services. Through these and various other efforts, our group is committed to contributing to the realization of a safer society that is free of traffic accidents.

■ Joint Research Partners
Gunma University Center for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems (CRANTS)
CRANTS was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating a hub for collaborative innovation between industry, academia, government and finance and contributing to the development of the next-generation automotive industry through research and development focusing on the social implementation of next-generation mobility systems and the cultivation of highly skilled talent in this field. That same year, CRANTS also began conducting autonomous vehicle proof-of-concept testing on public roads in the City of Kiryu (Gunma Prefecture).

NTT Data Corporation
Primarily engaged in the data services business, NTT Data Corporation is now working toward realizing a full-fledged "Connected Car Society" based on their years of experience building social infrastructure systems and backed by the full support of the NTT Group. This work includes active participation in proof-of-concept testing for the development of automated fixed-route buses and other projects as part of collaborative efforts undertaken between industry, academia and government with the aim of solving labor shortages and other issues facing public transportation while creating and providing entirely new types of public transportation services.

■ Previous Press Release (Issued May 2019): "Sumitomo Rubber Launches Joint Development with Gunma University on Tire Peripheral Services to Support Level 4 Automated Driving"

*Please refer to the following URL for definitions of Automated Driving Levels.