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DUNLOP "GRANDTREK AT23" & "GRANDTREK PT5A" Selected as Factory Standard Tires for Toyota LAND CRUISER 300

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our high-performance DUNLOP GRANDTREK AT23 and GRANDTREK PT5A tires to Toyota Motor Corporation for use as factory standard tires on their newly released LAND CRUISER 300.

  Tire Size: 265/65R18 114V Tire Size: 265/55R20 109V

The LAND CRUISER 300 is a vehicle that maintains the “Reliability, Durability and Off-Road Performance” at the heart of the LAND CRUISER concept while at the same time striving for new heights in terms of fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness, not to mention a quieter overall driving experience. Designed to be the “New King of 4WD,” the LAND CRUISER 300 combines the tough and reliable driving performance that one would expect from the king of all terrain with improved fuel efficiency for better all-around environmental friendliness.

Over the years, the Sumitomo Rubber Group has supplied factory standard tires for many generations of LAND CRUISER. In developing these new tires for the LAND CRUISER 300, we drew upon the advanced technologies that we have cultivated through years of developing off-road tires and SUV tires, as well as our extensive knowhow when it comes to market needs, all while working hand-in-hand with Toyota Motor Corporation to perfect tires fit for the next generation of the LAND CRUISER Series.

In addition to providing the same high levels of durability, reliability and various other basic performance traits as one would expect of LAND CRUISER tires, our new DUNLOP GRANDTREK AT23 and GRANDTREK PT5A also feature a new tread compound that provides greatly improved performance when it comes to fuel efficiency and wear resistance, as well.For our DUNLOP GRANDTREK PT5A, we harnessed cutting-edge simulation technology to develop a new tread pattern that optimizes the distribution of stress throughout the tire footprint for superior performance when it comes to noise and steering stability. Meanwhile, a brand-new sidewall design provides a stylish and luxurious touch between the vehicle and the road. Combining our years of knowhow from developing tires for generations of LAND CRUISER with the latest technology, our DUNLOP GRANDTREK tires contribute not only to the reliability and durability of the new LAND CRUISER 300, but also to its fuel efficiency and riding comfort, as well.

Moving forward, the Sumitomo Rubber Group will continue to support the LAND CRUISER Series, which for 70 years has earned the trust of drivers around the world thanks to its unwavering reliability, where the vehicle meets the road.