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Dec. 28. 2021Tires
DUNLOP to Have a Display Booth at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2022–One of the World’s Largest Custom Car Events–
Dec. 17. 2021Tires
DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 050” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for the New Lexus LS
Nov. 25. 2021Tires
FALKEN “ZIEX ZE310A ECORUN” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for Audi A3
Nov. 18. 2021Tires
DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST” High-Performance Run-Flat Tires Selected as Factory Standard Tires for 2022 Model NISSAN GT-R & NISSAN GT-R NISMO
Nov. 11. 2021Tires
FALKEN “ZIEX ZE310A ECORUN” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for SEAT LEON
Nov. 09. 2021Corporate
Consolidated Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2021
Oct. 14. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Releases New Corporate Profile Video ~Introducing Our Business Activities Based on Our Philosophy~
Aug. 31. 2021Sustainability
Sumitomo Rubber Group Updates “Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy”
Aug. 31. 2021Tires
Announcing “Nano Black,” a New Design Technique for Deeper Black Sidewall Coloring to Improve the Visibility & Appearance of Tire Logos, etc.
Aug. 18. 2021Tires
DUNLOP "GRANDTREK AT23" & "GRANDTREK PT5A" Selected as Factory Standard Tires for Toyota LAND CRUISER 300
Aug. 05. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Establishes Long-Term Sustainability Policy: “Driving Our Future Challenge 2050”
Aug. 05. 2021Corporate
Consolidated Financial Results for the Six Months Ended June 30, 2021
Jul. 28. 2021Sustainability
Sumitomo Rubber to Begin Proof of Concept Toward Harnessing Hydrogen Energy at Shirakawa Factory in Fukushima Prefecture ~Part of Our Ongoing Efforts to Achieve Carbon Neutral Tire Manufacturing~
Jul. 26. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Group Set to Increase Tire Production Capacity at Factory in Brazil
Jul. 21. 2021Tires
FALKEN EUROALL SEASON AS210 Released in Germany as First Tire to Feature CORESEAL Technology for the Prevention of Air Leaks
Jul. 16. 2021Tires
Factory fit for FALKEN on the AUDI A3 Plug-in-Hybrid
Jul. 05. 2021Sustainability
Sumitomo Rubber Selected for Inclusion in Leading Indexes for ESG Investment: “FTSE4Good Index Series” & “FTSE Blossom Japan Index”
Jul. 02. 2021Corporate
Results of Joint Research on AI Technology by Sumitomo Rubber Industries & Hokkaido University Published in Nature Index
Jul. 01. 2021Sustainability
Sumitomo Rubber Brazil Receives Commendation from the City of Fazenda Rio Grande
Jun. 28. 2021Corporate
Fact book 2020
Jun. 24. 2021Sustainability
Sumitomo Rubber Supports “Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)” Recommendations
Jun. 17. 2021Others
Vibration Control Dampers Incorporating Sumitomo Rubber’s Advanced Rubber Technology Adopted Worldwide ~Contributing to Safety & Peace of Mind in Regions Susceptible to Earthquakes~
Jun. 08. 2021Tires
Team FALKEN Motorsports Racecar Finishes 4th Overall at Nürburgring 24h-Race
Jun. 08. 2021Tires
DUNLOP “ENASAVE EC300+” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for the LEXUS UX300e
May. 20. 2021Tires
FALKEN to Compete in Nürburgring 24h-Race with Twin Porsche 911 GT3R Racecars
May. 12. 2021Corporate
Consolidated Financial Results for the Three Months Ended March 31, 2021
May. 11. 2021Tires
Riders Outfitted with DUNLOP Tires Crowned Series Champion in Every Class at the 2021 AMA Supercross
Mar. 12. 2021Tires
FALKEN Tires Receive Top Marks in ADAC Tire Testing
Mar. 09. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Begins Utilizing Fugaku Supercomputer~Accelerating the Advancement of Materials Simulation~
Mar. 08. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber & Tohoku University Succeed in Increasing Speed of X-Ray CT Imaging of Rubber Failure Phenomena by Approximately 1,000x~Introducing the Next Evolution of Proprietary ADVANCED 4D NANO DESIGN Sumitomo Rubber ‘s New Materials Development Technology~
Mar. 05. 2021Tires
Announcing Our 2021 DUNLOP & FALKEN Motorsports Activity Plan
Mar. 01. 2021Corporate
New Innovation Makes Tire Peripheral Sensors Battery Free~Sumitomo Rubber Working with Kansai University to Achieve Practical Applications for Tire Internal Power Generation Technology~
Feb. 18. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Joins Japan Hydrogen Association
Feb. 09. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Establishes New Tire Wear Detection Technology~Announcing the Next Evolution of Our Proprietary SENSING CORE Technology~
Feb. 09. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Group to Augment Production Capacity at USA Factory~Responding to Strong Demand in the North American Market~
Feb. 09. 2021Corporate
Consolidated Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2020
Feb. 08. 2021Tires
DUNLOP “SP SPORT MAXX 050 DSST” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for New LEXUS LS
Feb. 05. 2021Tires
DUNLOP ENASAVE NEXT III Receives “Prize of Director General of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy” at “Energy Conservation Grand Prize” Awards
Jan. 28. 2021Corporate
Sumitomo Rubber Opens One of Japan’s Largest Indoor On-Ice Tire Testing Facilities “NICE” at Our Nayoro Tire Proving Ground~Accelerating the Development of Winter Tires with High-Precision On-Ice Testing~
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