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DUNLOP “e. SPORT MAXX” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for the New Toyota “Crown Sedan”

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our DUNLOP “e. SPORT MAXX” tires for use as factory standard tires on the new “Crown Sedan” (both HEV and FCEV models) that were launched this November. The “e. SPORT MAXX” was our first commercial EV tire sold in the Chinese market in 2022 and has now been adopted as a factory standard tire in Japan for the first time.

The new “Crown Sedan” is a “New Formal Sedan” that is suitable for both personal and business purposes, combining high quality driving, a comfortable ride, and relaxing rear seat space as an orthodox Sedan.

New “Crown Sedan” ■Tire Size: 245/45ZR20 103Y

To achieve the cruising range required for FCEVs, DUNLOP “e. SPORT MAXX” adopts a new material compound for the tread rubber, thereby significantly improving rolling resistance. In addition, the pitch arrangement of the tread has also been optimized to reduce road noise. In the design aspect, “Nano Black*,” our unique blackening design technology, is used to improve the visibility of the brand logo and product name on the sidewalls. “Nano Black” suppresses light reflection and reproduces a higher black color than before by adopting a finely uneven shape, which contributes to improving the design and creating a sense of luxury.
We have been addressing the growing global demand for EVs and the desire for a sustainable society by launching the “e. SPORT MAXX” in the Chinese market in 2022 and the “e. ZIEX” in the European market in 2023. In the Japanese market, the “e. ENASAVE SP148,” the first commercial tire for EV route buses from a Japanese manufacturer, has been on sale since October. We are developing tires that achieve the high level of fuel (energy) efficiency required by EVs and other eco-friendly vehicles and will increase the number of products in each region to meet the needs of the expanding market.

* Announcing “Nano Black,” a New Design Technique for Deeper Black Sidewall Coloring to Improve the Visibility & Appearance of Tire Logos, etc. (News Release Issued August 31, 2021)