Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

The Sumitomo Rubber Group’s Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

As part of Our Philosophy, our Vision of “Uniting our diverse strengths, growing together, driving and thriving on change” defines our ideals regarding what the Sumitomo Rubber Group should look like. Accordingly, we respect the unique personalities of employees, including invisible differences among them, and strive to create an organization in which they inspire one another to enhance their good traits.

In addition to engaging in ongoing initiatives to ensure equal opportunities for all (Equity), we will assiduously promote diversity & inclusion to empower each individual employee to achieve personal growth, which will, in turn, underpin improvement in the Sumitomo Rubber Group’s corporate value.


D&I Top Commitment

In order to live up to the ideals of “Our Philosophy,” the Sumitomo Rubber Group is actively working to promote greater mutual respect among all of the diverse employees who make up our group.

The Sumitomo Rubber Group considers “uniting our diverse strengths and growing together” to be a key management challenge. With this in mind, we hereby declare the following.

Declaration on the Promotion of D&I

The Sumitomo Rubber Group respects and values the diverse attributes and ways of thinking of all employees. Accordingly, we will achieve the creation of workplaces that enable each individual to harness their full potential.

  • Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Age, Disability, etc.
  • Employment Status, Situation of Hiring, etc.
  • Birthplace, Nationality, Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Religion, etc.

President & Representative Director
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Satoru Yamamoto

Roundtable Talk on Human Resource Strategy

It has been a year since the issuance of the D&I Top Commitment and the launch of a dedicated organization tasked with promoting D&I in 2022. Marking the occasion, we hosted a roundtable talk in which our officers exchanged their assessments on how Sumitomo Rubber Industries has advanced its approach to D&I as well as their projections regarding the Company’s future initiatives in this area.

Roundtable Talk on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

D&I Promotion Structure

In 2019, we launched the D&I project within the Human Resources & General Affairs HQ, with the aim of taking a cross-departmental approach while reflecting the voices of employees in D&I measures to be implemented to update the growing scope of the organization. Also, in order to step up our D&I initiatives, in April 2022 we established a dedicated organization tasked with handling D&I measures within the Human Resources Department. This organization was named the D&I Group and is spearheading the promotion of D&I across the board.

With the officer in charge of the Human Resources & General Affairs HQ bearing the highest responsibility, the D&I Group is thus playing a central role in the establishment of an in-house D&I promotion structure. Meanwhile, the cross-departmental D&I project is designed to facilitate the sharing of issues confronting various business bases and workplaces via the inclusion of members from diverse corners of our workforce in order to develop more effective measures to promote D&I.

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Honors and Certifications from Outside Organizations

October 2020 Acquired “L-boshi” (third level) certification
March 2021 Acquired “Kurumin” mark (Dunlop Golf Club Corp.)
November 2022 Received a “Gold Certificate” in the 2022 PRIDE Index, which assesses initiatives to ensure equal rights for members of the LGBTQ+ community and other sexual minorities

Received “Hyogo Work-Life Balance Company Award” under the fiscal 2022 round of a prefectural program
March 2023 Certified as a “Hyogo Kobe Women’s Empowerment Business (Mimoza Company)”