Dialogue with Customers (providing product information and services)

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Gathering Customer Feedback and Making Use of It to Improve Products and Services

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

To improve customer satisfaction, the Sumitomo Rubber Group has designated the sales and quality assurance departments of each base as contacts for accommodating customer opinions and requests. We properly respond to these inputs while upgrading our products and services based on the information collected from these sources.

Moreover, we have established customer consultation desks for each business. In this way, we do our best to provide customers with easy access to our contacts for inquiries and ensure that any question or complaint will be addressed swiftly and appropriately.

Initiatives Undertaken by the Tire Business in Japan

Since the Dunlop Tire Sales HQ opened a “Customer Consultation Office” in fiscal 2001, we have analyzed the content of consultation and relayed it to relevant departments, with the aim of further improving the quality of our products and services.

In fiscal 2022, we handled 4,625 cases comprising inquiries, opinions and other inputs on such subjects as choosing the correct product, tire performance and how to best use tires, with each case addressed swiftly.

In addition, around three quarters of these cases were brought via phone. As we aim to shorten waiting time for customers and provide them with answers as swiftly as possible, we constantly update the database held by the Customer Consultation Office.

Looking ahead, we will strive to shorten time spent on searching out answers to customer queries via the expansion and enhancement of reference materials while reflecting valuable opinions voiced by customers in product development, with the aim of achieving even higher customer satisfaction.

Number of Customer Consultation Cases in the Tire Business


Initiatives Undertaken by the Sports Business

The Sports Business HQ has established the “Customer Service Department” as a contact for securing a direct communication channel between the Company and customers of our golf- and tennis-related products. Since then, we have striven to swiftly yet carefully address feedback from customers and thus help each enjoy an abundant sports life.

Furthermore, customer feedback is relayed to all relevant departments and utilized in our product development and quality enhancement activities aimed at securing customer satisfaction.

As a leading manufacturer of golf and tennis equipment, we will confidently and responsibly address customer feedback and thereby enhance the value of the Dunlop brand.

Number of Customer Consultation Cases in the Sports Business


Initiatives Undertaken by the Industrial Products Business

DUNLOP Home Products, Ltd., a Group company tasked with the marketing of gloves and living supplies for consumer use, has established a customer consultation desk to promptly relay valuable inputs from customers, be it opinions or complaints, to relevant departments to inform their efforts to develop new products and improve the content of services.

Number of Customer Consultation Cases in the Industrial Products Business


Enhancing Operational Techniques and Service Quality

The “DTS Nationwide TB Tire Work Competition” is an event we hold that allows staff at Dunlop Tire Shops (DTSs) to pit their techniques related to the replacement of truck and bus tires against those of their colleagues.

The objective of this event is to (1) ensure the entrenchment of safe, stable and efficient standard operational procedures, (2) boost the motivation of operators and (3) pass down operational techniques to future generations. Thus, representatives from tire sales companies compete against each other at the same venue so that they can attain even higher technical capabilities.

The 12th and most recent round of the competition was held at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall for the first time after a three-year break, with 12 selected operators coming from DTSs in 10 districts across Japan, including directly managed shops as well as franchisees.

The winner of the championship, Mr. Keisuke Ozaki, an employee at Dunlop Tire Chubu K.K., was chosen on the basis of superior techniques supporting efficient and careful operations.

In addition, we used a web-conferencing system to livestream the event to 10 tire sales companies around Japan for the first time since its commencement, so that a broad range of their staff could appreciate outstanding operational techniques demonstrated by the contestants. By doing so, we hoped to help raise awareness of safe operations and boost motivation to promote tire-related services in the course of sales activities.

Going forward, we will continue to encourage tire sales companies to enhance their techniques while upholding the “safety first” operational principle.

A group photo of contestants
Judges engaging in screening
The champion performing a truck tire replacement

Raising Public Awareness regarding the Proper Use of Tires and Tire Maintenance Methods

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

To prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents attributable to poor tire condition, for the 15 years since 2008 we have provided DUNLOP Nationwide Tire Safety Inspections. As of the end of 2022, the total number of cars inspected amounted to 113,000.

In 2023, this inspection campaign, held throughout Japan at Tire Select stores, which are Dunlop tire outlets, started on April 8, designated as the “Tire Day” by the Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association, and lasted for 16 days. Through this annual campaign, we conduct various tire inspections, including measuring tire pressure and checking remaining tread depth as well as for any other damage to the tire.

In addition to providing customers with professional inspections, we have utilized the aforementioned campaign period to raise driver awareness of the importance of tire inspections by distributing leaflets at storefronts. Furthermore, we endeavored to facilitate the widespread recognition of the need for periodic tire inspections and maintenance via the official X (previously Twitter) account of the Company’s directly managed stores, websites run by each store and other social networking service (SNS) outlets. Looking ahead, we will continue to provide tire inspections so that our customers can enjoy safe and secure driving.


Implementation Status of Inspections under the Dunlop Tire Safety Project


Note:In 2020 through 2021, we performed these inspections over shorter implementation periods at a significantly reduced number of locations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety Inspections for Motorcycle Tires

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

As part of DUNLOP Nationwide Tire Safety Inspections, since 2012 we have annually conducted safety inspections for motorcycle tires around August 19, which has been designated “Motorcycle Day.” On the day of inspection, we provide not only exterior inspections aimed at determining remaining tread depth, the degree of surface damage or wear and other tire conditions but also furnish “check cards” featuring inspection results to customers. In this way, we strive to help motorcycle riders raise their awareness regarding the importance of day-to-day tire inspections.

Note:In 2020, 2021 and 2022, safety inspections for motorcycle tires were cancelled in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Staff conducting tire safety inspections as part of an inspection campaign conducted in August 2019