Social Capital

  • The Sumitomo Rubber Group

Social Capital

Relationship with neighboring regional societies: Supporting a cumulative total of 513 organizations and NPOs
Number of commendations granted by local governments and other neighboring entities in 2022: 10

Building favorable relationships with customers, suppliers, local communities, shareholders, investors, employees and all other stakeholders is essential to enhancing our corporate value. Employing a variety of communication methods, the Sumitomo Rubber Group gleans and takes heed of feedback from these stakeholders. In this way, we strive to live up to what they expect of us and accommodate their needs, thereby fulfilling our social responsibilities.

  • Sumitomo Rubber Group companies (contact points with customers): 102 companies in total (28 in Japan and 74 overseas)
  • Relationship with shareholders: Conducted dialogue with a cumulative total of 12 institutional investors in 2022
  • Relationship with neighboring communities: Launched the Sumitomo Rubber Industries CSR Fund in 2010 to support neighboring regional societies and pursue harmonious coexistence; as of the end of fiscal 2023, a total of approximately ¥120 million has been extended in donations to support activities undertaken by a cumulative total of 513 groups
  • External recognitions and certifications: Chosen to receive the “Prime Minister’s commendation for Contributors to Greening Promotion” and other awards and certifications on a total of 10 occasions under programs sponsored by administrative agencies and local governments in 2022

The State of Our Social Capital (efforts to promote dialogue with stakeholders)

For information regarding our efforts to promote dialogue with stakeholders, please refer to the sections listed below.

3. Our efforts to promote dialogue with stakeholders